Friday, March 5, 2010

More Islamic “Feminism” On Display Worldwide; Where is NOW?

NOW has always been criticized in the feminist front for failing to rally behind issues that really matter to most women. It was and still is too elitist in character that the question of whether they are really feminist in the true sense of the word continues to be raised. In the following article Debbie Schlussel   issues a stinging rebuke to NOW but knowing NOW, they would just laugh this out. 

Yet two more examples of Islamic feminism on display for the world to see.  And, yet, predictably, the feminist hags from NOW (the National Organization for ugly Women) and other so-called women’s rights groups exhibit the usual crickets chirping.  Utter silence.
First there is our “friend and ally in the War on Terror” (and the enabler of it), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Don’t dare complain there . . . if you have female plumbing and aren’t accompanied by your male watcher.  It could lead to some unwanted scars and a long, um, “vacation” from society.
A Saudi woman who filed harassment claims in Saudi Arabia without being accompanied by a male relative has been sentenced to 300 lashes and 18 months in jail, Human Rights Watch said.
Sawsan Salim lodged a series of complaints in 2007 at government offices and in court in the northern region of Qasim in which she alleged harassment by local officials, the New York-based rights group said. She was sentenced in January on charges of making “spurious complaints” against government officials and appearing “without a male guardian,” the group said in an e-mailed statement received today. . . .
Bandar bin Mohammed al-Aiban, president of the government- run Saudi Human Rights Commission, couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.
Ha! A Saudi Human Rights Commission? That’s gotta be the oxymoron of the year.
Then, there’s popular Indonesian musician, Ahmad Dhani.
The Indonesian music genius, who is the force behind super rock band Dewa 19, has publicly supported polygamy in a heated debate with a Muslim women’s movement leader in Jakarta.
“Polygamy in Islam doesn’t degrade women,” the spiritually inclined Dhani told Detik Hot. “Any Muslim woman who objects to it is insulting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Prophet Muhammad, who was a polygamist. . . .
Maria Ulfah, the outspoken leader of PP Fatayat NU said: “Do not equate ourselves with the prophet, Mr Ahmad Dhani.
“He was willing to marry an 80-year-old widow. But our men today mostly want to marry more than one wife because of sex.”
Yup, this is “civilization” in the Islamic world. As I always say, it’s unfair to say the Islamic clash with Islam is a “clash of civilizations.” After all, that assumes there are two civilizations.
And what is so different between those Muslims and the ones in the West (including America)? Nothing . . . other than reaching critical mass, which they’ll ultimately achieve here because we’ve done nothing to stop them.

And, of course, while all of this goes on, American feminists are more concerned with the important things . . . like women becoming members of all-male golf clubs or the next WNBA draft.  Priorities and perspective–the two gifts of the women’s rights whiners.

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